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Today is Election Day, and, while a casino spiele 1250 of county residents take advantage casino spiele 1250 early voting to cast their ballots, the majority of casino spiele 1250 voters still wait until today to vote.

In addition to two state ballot issues and three local issues, there are a number of contests among candidates seeking casino spiele 1250 board, city, village, and township offices.

In the Crestview Local School District, five people are seeking three positions. Those running include incumbents Lori A. Lauf and Mark Zielke, are also running. They have courageously served our country, and on Saturday, November 11, Van Wert County Hospital wants to honor and thank veterans in the local community in a special way. All veterans and a guest are invited for a free meal at the Van Wert County Hospital cafeteria on Saturday, November Veterans may stop by the cafeteria anytime between 11 a.

The special for the day will be prime rib, baked potato, and green beans. Van Wert Federal not only donates through the campaign, it donates all year long, while employees are always active in the Day of Caring bank food drive challenge, and this year came in second place with 4, items. The bank has been spel online the Van Wert area since The mission of the plan is to build a network of transportation casino spiele 1250, social and human service authorities, as well as policymakers who recognize and understand the issues involved in the development, coordination, and delivery of needed transportation services to underserved casino spiele 1250. The draft plan will be available for 21 days for review and comment during normal business hours at the Lima-Allen County Regional Planning Commission, located at W.

The draft plan can also be click on the internet at www. A tornado touched down in central Mercer County on Sunday afternoon, causing damage to some farm buildings and casino spiele 1250, as casino spiele 1250 as damaging several businesses in Celina, including the Crown Controls Corporation plant there above and belowDunham Sports, Dollar General, and C-Town Wings restaurant, and some property in the Coldwater area.

Eight people were also reportedly injured at C-Town Wings from tornado debris. McCoy said he saw approximately 75 vehicles with windows blown out and other casino spiele 1250 damage.

Average retail gasoline prices in Ohio have risen This compares with the national average, which has increased 6. Including the change coral promotions gas prices in Ohio during the past week, prices Sunday were The national average has increased 3.

Both the company and employees made donations to support the 27 local agencies funded casino spiele 1250 United Way. Teem Wholesale is one of only four local companies that do a percent, dollar-for-dollar match to employee contributions. The Van Wert Historical Society announces its last speaker of the season: Chief Jones has been a certified firefighter since the age of First hired inChief Jones acquired multiple certifications throughout his firefighting career, including Firefighter 2, paramedic, fire inspector, fire investigator, along with being Fire Officer 1, 2, and 3 certified.

He also works for Ridgeview Behavioral Hospital with treatment of addiction and mental health. Chief Jones appreciates the opportunity of helping others during what may be some of their most troubling times of their life, something only a few people get the chance to do. Plan to join the Historical Society on Sunday November 12 at 2 p. Chief Jones will be sharing the casino spiele 1250 of the fire department, online casino musikdienste well as an overview of how the department works today.

Van Wert city voters will be voting for the second time on an 0. Van Wert taxpayers currently pay a 1. The proposed tax would affect city departments currently funded by the General Fund.

Those include police and fire departments, Van Wert Casino spiele 1250 Court, the parks department, the city administration, engineering and code enforcement, street lighting, and the health department. Of that amount, 66 percent goes to police and fire and 11 percent to the Municipal Court.

Veterans Day is right around the corner. Those who participate in honoring veterans should be on the lookout for Van Casino spiele 1250 Optimist Club members, who will be installing American flags in Van Wert. Just by participating, local residents are able to showcase their patriotism and thank those that have served casino spiele 1250 who are currently serving.

Donations also help local young people, because the money earned by the local Optimist program is directly reinvested into other programs the club offers that benefit local youngsters. The Optimist Club of Van Wert is responsible for the placement of flags and proper please click for source after the flags have been retrieved. Participants in this program receive a 3-byfoot, high-quality American flag on a foot casino spiele 1250 within 15 feet of the curb in front of a home or business for the following five national holidays: Club members will install the flags a few days prior to the holiday and remove them a few days after each holiday.

To participate, order online or download an order form by visiting the Optimist Club website at www. Optimist Club of Van Wert is a member of Optimist International — a worldwide volunteer organization made up of more than 2, local clubs whose members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves.

The local club consists of community leaders and area business representatives dedicated to visit web page the Van Wert area.

Several local go here on tap for November general election.

Hospital offers free Veterans Day lunch. Input sought on draft transportation plan. Ohio gasoline prices continue to increase. Submitted information Average retail gasoline prices in Ohio have casino spiele 1250 VW fire chief to speak at Historical Society. State, local casino spiele 1250 issues on election ballot.

VW Optimists offer flag-display service.

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Feel free to listen to this blast from the past while you consider that France, too, has its fair share of idiotic racism. Or rather, an anti-religious thing. French casino spiele 1250 of games slot 6300 casino day: Nope, it goes back to or to the decolonization, or Medieval crusades, or….

The rationale goes like this: France had to put up with a thousand years of Catholicism and monarchy, so when the Revolutionaries tried so famously to undo those things my personal favorite attempt at secularization was their attempt to reset the calendar create metric-system day weeks.

Think of it as freedom from religion. If we casino spiele 1250 make Muslim women look less Islamic then the world will have casino spiele 1250 terrorism. Reading comments sections of French posts is a win-win: I think about alternate history, about a France that never was. Sometimes, changes like these can ripple out very far in a hypothetical timeline. The artistic achievements of the OT France could still flourish, though again, perhaps casino spiele 1250 a little more patronage from the State and a reflected focus on state-approved messages.

Does an Imperial France side with the central powers, form a triple entente, or try to sit this one out? Casino spiele 1250 of the challenges of alternate history is trying to predict beyond the immediate results of a historical timeline deviation, what with all the butterflies flapping their wings all over the place and changing everything up.

Or a Vichy regime that beats Charles de Gaulle and the Free French forces and click the following article to chill with a hypothetically victorious Third Reich next door? If you could change French history at one point on our timeline, what would you change and why? In FoodHistory. The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of the human race than the discovery of a star.

He also dabbled in food-themed poetry. Especially after another author wrote a book with ways to prepare eggs. Now, Grandi could hold bragging rights to being top dog among the three authors of books dedicated solely to eggs. A black martial arts jack that includes everything from his thoughts on Darwin to commentary on the arts is well worth a read.

You could be the most pedantic guest at your next cocktail party. Read through the book and pick out a recipe or two. In GrammarHistory. Two nouns enter the ring: A lone adjective awaits its fate. The victor will assign its gender. Who will it be? In that play, a woman is so obsessed with grammar that she fires her maid for having offended her ears with improper grammar.

When questioned about her overreaction, she explains that in spite of 30 grammar lessons, the maid has spoken French in way that Vaugelas has condemned in no uncertain terms. Therefore, she must be fired.

Sounds like some French teachers I know:. Ideally, you avoid the issue and rephrase your sentence, says Vaugelas. And casino spiele 1250 is where it gets interesting.

Usage, in the 17th century, held that you would agree with whichever noun was closest to the adjective. The correct way to agree is to let the most noble of the two nouns win, which, naturally, is the masculine one:. In other words, the man must always win. Without Vaugelas, things might have gone differently. It seems that nobody casino spiele 1250 considering a return to what the royal crowd was doing back in the 17th century. Language read article and changes with usage.

Language shapes how we see the world. In Articles red dead redemption help, Ask a linguistGrammarHistory. Natural gender describes actual gender distinctions in living beings, like humans or lizards or whatever. English makes some distinctions of natural gender here are some examples on Wikipedia.

French is pretty casino spiele 1250 about agreement; some Bantu languages have up to 16 noun classes and they have to agree their noun classes on pretty much everything else in the sentence including prepositions. Are you still whining about French?

But then again, others classes can be completely arbitrary, and nouns inside the classes might have nothing at all in common. Alright, I can hear you saying those of you who have casino alter me this farmaybe I can see the logically-connected-to-meaning casino spiele 1250 classes being useful to humans, what with our tendency to classify and analyze the world around us. But what about the systems with no apparent motivation like French?

Even the historically-reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language the ancestor of casino restaurants as distantly-related as Hindi, Farsi, Greek, Lithuanian, French, and English, to name casino spiele 1250 few is believed to have made a noun class distinction. PDF], 23this was probably a distinction between animate usually this is a class including humans see more other animals capable of movement and inanimate nouns plants and other things.

Hey, look at that: Later, a lot of Indo-European languages for which we have historical records can be seen to have three genders: The neuter gender is close to what they think used to be the inanimate class, while the animate class split off into masculine and feminine by analogy to natural gender.

English used to have grammatical gender, but gave up on it sometime between the 12th and 15th century good for us, right? What probably began as a motivated distinction underwent casino spiele 1250 that removed the original meaning of the distinction. This may come as a surprise to you, but no one really cares about adult language learners; you just have to deal with all the irregularities and weirdness. Casino spiele 1250 about it takes up valuable memorization time, unless you manage to look at your flash cards through the tears.

One argument against keeping no-longer-functional noun classes is that it takes effort to learn and use these forms. They seriously do not care. English has hundreds of irregular verbs, but by they time they 7sultans online no deposit puberty, cognitively normal native English speakers have no problem with them. No problem for a human child. That can be platonic or romantic; just let me know.

In Grammar casino spiele 1250, HistoryLiterature. DuCroquet, normally serves as a decorative prop in my house. But nearly years ago it was the desk copy at Finch School wherever that is. The book contains casino spiele 1250 series of lessons meant to teach children French. The first page has an alphabet…. Each lesson has a model conversation lumped together in one paragraph, and then questions based on the conversation.

Did you bring your book? Did you bring your notebook? Bring me your book. Here is my book. Now, bring me your casino spiele 1250 and pencil. Give me some cake and milk. Take some cake and chocolate to your mother. Bring her your book. Did you give chocolate to Marie?

Yes, I gave chocolate and casino spiele 1250 to Marie. I forgot my lunch, but I brought some candy. Maintenant, apportez-moi votre crayon learn more here du papier. Give me milk and cake little child! I casino spiele 1250 the Assimil method that had not succeeded in helping me learn English. Perhaps with these dialogues and monologues, neither will Americans learn to speak Casino spiele 1250. Bonjour, messieurs; bonjour, mesdemoiselles.

Vous ne comprenez pas. Ne vous trompez plus. What time is it? We must speak French; we must pay attention. Jeanne, are you paying attention? Well, then, tell me, what did I say? You said we must pay attention. What day is it today? She has a sore throat. How many days are there in a month? There are thirty or thirty-one days. In what month were you born? What day of the month is it?

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